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Just like being in the Alps

Since 1990 the Duisburg section of the German Alpine Association has had its own climbing garden in the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord. They did the construction work themselves and it has since been frequently extended. The actual climbing garden was created inside the “charge bunker”. When the ironworks was still operational, this is where coke and iron ores were stored. The varying degrees of steepness of the walls and the well preserved towers are ideally suited for climbing, and once you’re on the summit you can enjoy a marvellous view over the surrounding area. But it’s the climbing routes in the storage bunkers which are the central feature. Mountain climbers use this to prepare themselves for tours in the Alps they’ve planned, and it also provides a great deal of fun for those who just enjoy climbing.

Climbing is possible here throughout the year – but only if you have your own equipment and have registered (for groups) at the DAV office here in the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord.